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You Can Stand on Us


Current Sales

           All Materials

(Not Valid with other Sales and Discounts, except military)

Contractor Discount

20% Over Wholesale on Materials

We offer any contractor with valid ID, discounts on any materials. Terms: Payment in full on time of placing the order. The contractor must pick up materials within 5 days of materials arrival or incur storage fees.

Measurements Are Available for $50, Layout drawings and measurements are available for $75.

DIY Sales Discount

35% Over Wholesale on Materials

(All materials, taxes, and shipping must be paid at time of ordering)

(All materials must be picked up within 7 days of notification.)

(Not available with other Sales or Discounts except Military)

Military Discounts

5% Additional

Materials only in addition to other discounts.

(Maximum combined discounts cannot exceed -15% off Retail or 30% over wholesale on DI and 15% contractor)

Senior Discount

(Not available with other sales or discounts except Military)

Take 10% Off $500 or moreMaterials and Labor Costs

Whole House Discount with Installation

(Not available with Other Sales or Discounts except Military)

Receive 10% off  Materials and Labor

Church and School Discounts

25% Off Retail any Materials 

(Not available with other Discounts or Sales)

Teaching Professional Discount

10% Off Materials and Labor

(Not available with other Discounts except Military or Sales)